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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we can organise freestyle motocross shows in all areas across Australia.
The minimum area to hold a freestyle motocross event is 85 metres length and 15 metres width.
A standard freestyle motocross show can be anywhere between 15min to 25min.
A standard freestyle motocross show will usually have 2-3 riders. We can organise more if need be to cater your event.
As most are aware, freestyle motocross is a high risk sport, although there are certain safety measures we put in place for the riders to ensure the set up is as safe as possible. Portable FMX trucks are equipped with an Australian standard specification take off ramps and approved down ramp with an inflatable air bag.
As freestyle motocross is a very demanding physical sport, up to 4 shows a day is the maximum.
The complete freestyle motocross setup is built onto a truck which allows us to travel to locations with ease.
The freestyle motocross portable system will take between 10-30 minutes to set up.
Yes, once we have initially set up the portable system, we can easily work with quick bump in and out times for your event to ensure that your show is running smoothly.
The worst thing for a freestyle motocross rider to encounter is wet and windy conditions. Ultimately it is up to the riders if they feel the conditions are good enough to ride. If weather conditions are considered unsafe to ride, the show will be canceled until it is safe to ride.
Yes, all freestyle motocross events will require an ambulance to be onsite during all specific riding times and practice.